PraiseMoves Gold

As bodies age, the tendency is to want to slow down and “take it easy.” That is actually what we should not do. Sitting for long periods of time leads to shortening of the muscles; they become tight and weakened.


A sedentary lifestyle among seniors can cause health challenges, such as:

1. reduced joint flexibility

2. arthritis/bursitis

3. high blood pressure

4. increased body fat and decreased lean body tissue

5. osteoporosis

6. low back pain

7. breathing difficulties

8. poor blood circulation

9. vision problems

10. chronic pain

11. stress-related symptoms

12. inability to sleep undisturbed


With PraiseMoves Gold, we hope to offer our seniors and those with limited physical mobility a way to regain strength, flexibility and balance—without compromising their faith—and thus reduce many of their health concerns.